Red, White, and Blue All Over!

With National Flag Day swiftly approaching, The Bare Square celebrates the day dedicated to America’s patriotic symbol by highlighting some artists that have shared their red, white, and blue pride!

Nearly seven decades ago, abstract expressionist artist, Jasper Johns, earned notoriety for his several depictions of the American flag.

Johns created the large, monochrome “White Flag”, a color version entitled “Flag”, and concluded his flag series with “Three Flags”, in which he superimposed three canvases of the American flag onto one another.

Three Flags by Jasper Johns

What was behind Johns’ flag field day?

Through his flag frenzy Johns may have been paying tribute to the Revolutionary War hero for who he was named, however, Johns never confirmed this as fact.

Either way, Johns pledged his allegiance through his encaustic, oil, and collage-compiled canvases!

nAscent artist, Gavin Sewell, also created bold and brilliant renditions of our American flag, drawing inspiration from Johns, as well.

Sewell’s 2010 “Old Glory” contains collaged images of the history of America, portraying a symbolic timeline within the iconic stars and stripes.

His latest work, “America Electric”, expresses the American flag through another variety of collaged images, lending a potent, abstract feel.

America Electric by Gavin Sewell

So whether you’re waving Jasper Johns’ “Three Flags”, Gavin Sewell’s “America Electric”, or the miniature cloth flag you hand your ten year-old nephew, be sure to spread some star-spangled spirit!

We think the 2010 World Cup had the right idea…

- Ava Cotlowitz

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