Oscar gets yawns, Banksy gets yarn

Banksy tribute by New York City artist Olek

Many winners and losers on Oscar night. The hosts for Oscar night didn’t impress many, but they did get the desired big numbers in the youth demographic. Exit Through The Gift Shop, the street art documentary nominated for an Oscar, didn’t earn a statuette for UK street artist Banksy.

Banksy could see some relief from receiving an homage from New York City artist Olek. You may remember Olek from our article a while back about her knitted sheath for the famed Wall Street bull sculpture.

As shown right and reported at DNAinfo.com, Olek put together an illicit installation inspired by Banksy, and threaded on an exterior wall in New York City.

Hopefully it last longer than Banksy’s recent creations in LA. One was defaced (can street art be defaced?). The other–well, see for yourself!

Banksy parodied the well-known sign on the border indicating Immigrants Crossing. Here is the “before” photo.

Caution by Banksy

Here is the “after” photo, reported by LA Weekly.

Banksy Art--stolen!!

That’s right–someone carved Banksy’s art right out of the wall!

At least Banksy won an Independent Spirit Award Saturday. As for the Oscar, the art world will just have to wait for the next documentary on the art world. The guy who stole Caution might learn something the next movie, How To Sell A Banksy.

- James

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